Tamar is currently working on a new musical comedy, The List. The show had its first reading on March 12th as part of Katy Lipson's From Page To Stage season at The Landor Theatre. The evening was a great success.

 Rosie, Liz, Mel and Skye are all in second year of Uni, and studying is the last thing on their minds. The girls live for nights out, and in fear of Facebook shame and their formidable landlady Brenda! In an attempt to help Rosie mend a broken heart Liz comes up with a list which is sure to liven things up.

For anyone who's ever had a long term crush, enjoyed nights out with their mates or had the dreaded FEAR from the night before? The List will have you laughing, smiling and gasping all in equal measure!


The show is now in 

Watch this space!