17 Drafts - Christina Tedders 

Christina Tedders (Once) sings 17 Drafts from Pierced.


'17 Drafts' won a special commendation and runner-up prize in the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Award 2013.

A new British musical by Tamar Broadbent.


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“We are sipping on Fosters cans.
We are making some impossible plans.
We’re getting out of here as fast as we can.”

Pierced is a comic but touching portrayal of youth today, with all its idealism, ambition and awkward comedy. It follows the stories of five teenagers in the summer after finishing school, as they cope with obsessive crushes, divorcing parents, dreams of winning the X Factor and the thrall of advanced Facebook stalking. Pierced channels the voice of youth today: it is an insightful reflection of the social life and identity of a generation.

Pierced was premiered in Bristol in June 2011. It was written and directed by Tamar Broadbent, and co-directed and producerd by Martin McDowell. It was then showcased in April 2012 at the Landor Theatre, directed by Drew Baker and musically directed by Jamie Noar.


Tamar's musical Pierced is one of 6 finalists in the New Musical Project at the Leicester Square Theatre. The winning show will have a two month run at the theatre. Pierced will have a staged reading with a professional cast on SUNDAY 9TH FEBRUARY at 4PM at THE LEICESTER SQUARE THEATRE. 


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'As the lights go down on the final performance of Pierced and I strangely find myself, along with those surrounding me, rising to my feet. I start screaming, stamping my feet, my arms flailing wildly above me. This isn't the feeling I typically encounter when reaching the end of a musical. Usually I'm violently throwing up into a small bucket labelled 'cringe'. But not today. When I finally crash back to reality I realise what I‟m doing. Like everybody else in the Winston Theatre, I‟m giving the show a standing ovation. Spurred on by a heady mixture of joy, pleasure, and sheer adulation (plus a bit of jealousy, why aren't I this talented?' Etc etc) I'm leaping in the air, tears streaming down my cheeks, stomping my feet with sheer unadulterated delight. The power of crowd-pleasing musical harmonies sung in beautiful unison has melted my black, black heart.'                                         - Bristol Playgroup


'Tamar Broadbent has raised the bar for new musical writing even higher and there is certainly a touch of genius about her work...Pierced is already an instant hit with audiences.  Tamar Broadbent is a perfectionist who at such a young age has written a musical with the level, creative ability and intelligence of a composer and lyricist at least ten years older... The song lyrics are punchy, colourful and quirky, and made everyone laugh. ‘Pierced’ is fresh and contemporary... an exceptional emerging musical'                                           - Mellow Day London