Stacey Solo and the Summer of Silence

A one-woman-character-comedy-detective-mystery-drama
by Tamar Broadbent.

19.00 - 8/9th Feb - VAULT Festival



Stacey Solo is strong female lead (detective), about to face the toughest case of her career: a woman enters the department with no voice, a shoe-stealing criminal is unexpectedly acquitted, and a strange set of initials appears at every turn...

Burdened with a tragic back story and struggling with her personal life, Stacey must throw the rule book out of the window and solve the summer of silence, before it's too late.

This is a fast-paced, high-energy, feminist piece of character comedy with a narrative from the mind of Tamar Broadbent (BBC Radio 4, Comedy Central, Boom Chicago). Inspired by all your favourite Netflix heroines, with an explosive musical score by John-Victor (Club Mex), this fun-packed show explores femininity, ambition, how many characters one actor can play, and what it really means to be a ‘strong female lead’ in 2020.

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Tamar Broadbent: Role Play

A brand new stand up show.

18.45 - 28/29/30th Jan - VAULT Festival



A brand new stand-up comedy show from Tamar Broadbent (BBC Radio 4, Comedy Central, Boom Chicago).

Tamar's had a truly international year. She's been working at improv theatre Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, where she has an American housemate, a Canadian boyfriend, and has been attempting to decipher Dutch people.

Living in Europe in the wake of Brexit, running from the past and navigating nearly turning 30, Tamar has been on many new adventures, including revelatory non-drinking marathons and accidentally signing up with a very kind and ineffective personal trainer. Join her for this heartfelt and joyful comedy show that tackles some of life's biggest dilemmas: the Pomeranian versus the Great Dane? are we doomed to follow the patterns of our parents? and whose job is it to deal with the house ghost?

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